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Timeline of Events Exhibits & PowerPoint Presentations

BioMed Illustrations LLC™ offers custom timeline of events exhibits and timeline PowerPoint presentations for mediation and trial involving personal injury, medical malpractice, auto and motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, product liability, traumatic brain injuries, workers’ compensation, health and safety, and more.

Timeline of Events Exhibit

A Timeline of Events exhibit is an essential tool for every trial attorney. When the order of events plays a significant role in your case, a timeline is an important exhibit for the judge, jury, and defense to fully understand your case details. Timelines inform the judge, jury, and defense the details of who did what, when, and to whom in both a mediation and trial setting. 

Trial timeline exhibit created for a product liability and medical malpractice lawsuit showing the events that led up to the client's death.

Interactive Timeline of Events

An Interactive Timeline of Events  is an engaging tool for every trial attorney. Contrary to what many people believe, timelines do not have to be created in a linear fashion. An Interactive Timeline gives you the ability to engage your audience and highlight on specific events. Engaging timelines include: Medical record and document callouts, photos, litigation graphics, animations, and medical illustration exhibits.  

Trial timeline created for a multi-million dollar settlement win for a medical malpractice lawsuit showing the events that led up to both client's injuries both immediate and long-term.

Trial PowerPoint Presentations: Opening & Closing Statements

Opening PowerPoint presentations introduce your audience to your client and can include a day in the life video showing who your client was prior to the accident. The presentation also introduces us to your medical experts by including excerpts from their testimony and informing the audience what they will be talking about during trial. This is also your opportunity to include excerpts from the defense side and how it refutes what your expert says occurred. If your case includes a medical aspect (injuries, complications, mechanism of injuries) for example, this is your time to introduce the medical procedure and and what should have been done to prevent said injuries. What mistakes were made? How could have they been prevented? How was the Standard of Care violated? 


A Closing Argument is a crucial moment in any trial. It is your final opportunity to give context and meaning to the evidence presented, and to solidify the case narrative in the minds of jurors. PowerPoint presentations are used to concisely organize key evidence and testimony. A great closing argument may persuade an uncertain juror, while a poor closing argument can undermine even the strongest evidence at trial. Contact BioMed Illustrations today and learn what I can do for your mediation and trial presentations.

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