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Stock Medical Exhibits are available for purchase as is for $395 or can be modified to fit your cases needs for a small fee. Looking to reuse an exhibit in the future and want to be able to mark up exhibit for your specific needs? Exhibits are available with a laminated surface which allows you or your expert to mark up the exhibits with dry erase markers.


One of the best features of pre-trial presentations is you don’t have to pay a premium to insure your demonstrative evidence is case-specific. You are at liberty to find examples that are close, but not 100% accurate to your client’s injuries. This is where purchasing modified stock medical legal illustrations saves you money and time.


The majority of clients I work with prefer to settle their cases early rather than risk the expenses of trial. Be as prepared as you can be with medical legal illustrations from BioMed Illustrations LLC™.

Click on any of the medical exhibits below to enlarge and view in more detail.

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Next day delivery is only available on orders received before noon Western time. Exhibit text and images may be modified to match your specific case.


You also have the option to have any size exhibit board with an acetate overlay allowing you or your medical expert to use dry erase markers on the board. This gives you the option to mark up an exhibit, erase the marks and reuse it at a later time.

1. Required licensing fee for litigation use of the trial exhibit:     $395

2. Select format and size of the exhibit:

    Option- Digital JPG/PDF file:  + $0

    Option- 15"x20" color print on rigid foam board:  + $95

    Option- 30"x40" color print on rigid foam board:  + $145

    Option- 36"x48" color print on rigid foam board:  + $195

    Option- 36"x48" color print on rigid foam board & laminated:  + $275

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