What Every Attorney Should Know When Working With A Medical Legal Illustrator


1. Case strategy is extremely important in the preparation of trial exhibits. 

Trial exhibits are also used in opening and closing statements. How you plan to open your case in trial can have a great impact on the jurors opinions of you and your client. Timelines, animations, and illustrated trial exhibits can be greatly utilized in your opening statement presentation to set a powerful tone. That tone can be dramatic, nostalgic, reflective, fearful, etc., and should be utilized in full.



2. Its necessary we work directly with your medical experts. 

Medical experts who plan to testify on your client’s behalf will more often than not will try to educate the jurors on your client’s injuries, surgical procedures, mechanism of injuries, or cause of death. Visuals bridge the communication gap between your medical expert and jurors when complicated medical information is being presented. 


3. Case Records, Radiology Studies, Depositions…..We need it all. 

To get a full understanding of your client’s story and timeline, reviewing all the medical records is essential to the gathering all the necessary details. Depositions are just as important as it gives us insight into your medical expert’s professional opinion. Depositions also highlight key elements in your client’s story that are essential to the case.


4. The best time to contact a medical illustrator is as soon as you decide you have a case.

Trial exhibits involve strategic planning, in-depth research, production, and medical expert review prior to trial. As soon as you start to prepare your case, contact a medical illustrator to set up an in-office meeting and they will discuss your most successful case visual options. The sooner you bring a medical illustrator on board, the better prepared your case visuals will be. 




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