The Best Investment You Can Make for Your Case

Investing in a Settlement

There tends to be two general approaches to investing money and effort to resolve cases:

1. those who choose to avoid investing in their case until it becomes apparent they can’t settle them

2. those who choose to invest in their cases in order to settle them

Attorneys who invest in their cases early on typically resolve them earlier saving themselves the additional costs that comes with trial. Case-specific medical legal exhibits can be used in demand packages, mediations, and settlement hearings, and are very persuasive. Stock illustration exhibits can be modified to generally demonstrate injuries and invasive procedures. Stock illustration exhibits can be very effective in settling a case, and if a settlement is not reached, case specific exhibits can still be developed for trial.


Investing in BioMed Illustration LLC™ Exhibits for Trial

I am a board certified medical illustrator and take great to provide you with highly accurate visuals. Every element depicted in an exhibit is backed up by case medical records and/or professionally published medical references. I do not embellish or introduce any facts to the case exhibits that cannot be found in your client’s medical records. I will work directly with your medical experts to ensure that the medical illustration exhibits accurately depict and coincide with their findings and testimony. If revisions to the illustrations are needed, those revisions can be made until the medical expert is satisfied. 


Medical legal illustration exhibits are designed to educate their audience. The pursuit of justice requires examination of the truth. Medical illustrations are created to approach reality but never exceed the inflammatory or prejudicial response that an actual photograph would evoke. This approach ensures my visuals remain effective, impactful communication tools while minimizing the risk of being deemed prejudicial. 






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