The BIGGEST Benefit of Medical Legal Illustration Exhibits

Medical Illustrations & the Juror’s Mind

The use of visual aids is a necessity in today’s world of technology. Today’s society has become accustomed to visual stimulation and colorful imagery. So, you can imagine the great advantage an attorney who is well-prepared with medical illustration exhibits has over his competition. More often than not, jurors tend to lose focus, tune-out, and and simply forget portions of the testimony. Humans are very visual creatures. On average we only retain about 15% of what we hear audibly, however retention climbs to 65% when the information is delivered visually. When testimony and visual images are combined, retention of the information jumps up to 85%. 


Testimony accompanied by medical illustrations of the plaintiff’s injuries and surguries is what the jurors will remember and take back with them into the deliberation room. It is near impossible for a juror to create an image of a particular injury or surgery in their “mind’s eye” and then retain that image for the remainder of trial. Presenting a medical illustration exhibit for the jurors to refer to while the medical expert is giving his testimony makes it much easier for the jurors to understand and retain the images in their memory. Demonstrative aids can be produced and utilized by even a small budget firm and the results will not only capture the attention of the jury but also educate them. 


Medical illustration exhibits make a visual impact that will resonate in the juror’s minds long after its presentation during the course of the trial. The jury will return to the deliberation room and will remember the medical illustrations placed into their minds through your effective use of powerful demonstrative evidence.


“if trial litigation is the art of persuasion, demonstrative tools are one of the practitioner’s most powerful brushes.” 


The primary purpose of demonstrative aids is to help support a medical expert’s testimony and clarify witness testimony. Medical illustration exhibits help attorneys enhance their cases and explain their client’s injuries and surgeries with detailed illustrations, charts, and diagrams. Educating a jury about complex medical (i.e. anatomical, surgical or pharmaceutical) concepts and terms can be a challenging part of a case. Visual aids are necessary to effectively argue personal injury and malpractice cases. Medical illustrations can highlight the severity of an injury or explain the complexities of a surgical procedure in an easy to understand visual format.