Settling Your Case With Medical Legal Illustrations


Most trial attorneys know how successful and big an impact medical legal illustrations can make in the court room but is there an opportunity being missed by not using med-legal illustrations to settle prior to trial? The answer is YES.

When entering into negotiations during a settlement conference, it is essential to be as compelling, dramatic and persuasive as possible. Settlement exhibits make the impact you need for your argument. A professional medical legal illustration exhibit will:

1. Validate. The presentation of demonstrative evidence, such as medical legal illustration exhibits, in demand packages and settlement conferences shows that you are serious and prepared for trial if necessary.

2. Educate. In order for your opponent to be able to accept or counter your argument, they first must understand it. Medical legal illustrations are the best way to communicate complex medical information that lies at the heart of your case.

3. Intimidate: A graphic illustration conveys a stronger message than words. So regardless of the words you use, no description of an injury or surgical procedure will ever be as dramatic as the visual representation. Show your opponent what is in your arsenal and they will immediately imagine its effect in trial. 

One of the best features of pre-trial presentations is you don’t have to pay a premium to insure your demonstrative evidence is case-specific. You are at liberty to find examples that are close, but not 100% accurate to your client’s injuries. This is where purchasing modified stock medical legal illustrations saves you money and time. Stock medical exhibits can be located on the Stock Medical Exhibits for Purchase webpage.

The majority of clients I work with prefer to settle their cases early rather than risk the expenses of trial. Be as prepared as you can be with medical legal illustrations from BioMed Illustrations LLC™.

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