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From Medical Records & Radiology Studies To Custom Medical Illustration Exhibits: The Process of Customization

“How are medical illustration exhibits created? What’s the process?” 

Custom medical legal illustration exhibits are case-specific, meaning they are created using your client’s hospital and medical records, as well as radiology films. Exhibits are created to demonstrate specific injuries, surgeries, etc. that are unique to your client and cannot be adequately demonstrated through the use of generic medical exhibits. 


To get started, an in-office (if within Greater Seattle area) or a phone consultation is scheduled with a knowledgeable and experienced board certified medical illustrator to discuss your case, your client’s injuries, and what medical records and radiology films will be needed for review. Up to five hours of consultation/ case review time is complimentary which is sufficient for more than 95% of cases. Once the case records and radiology films are reviewed, a written visual proposal is created which includes a written description of the proposed medical illustration exhibits, examples of previous case exhibits (if applicable), and a quote for the proposed exhibits. Once you have reviewed the visual proposal and have accepted the proposed exhibits, the medical illustration exhibits are developed and you’ll receive drafts within the discussed timeline. The medical legal exhibits are then finalized after your medical expert has reviewed all the exhibit drafts. Final exhibits are delivered digitally or in a printed format, whichever is requested. 



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