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Services Offered

Illustrated Exhibits

  • Timeline of Events

  • Summary of Injuries

  • Colorized Medical Film Interpretations

  • Multiple Injuries

  • Mechanism of Injury

  • Procedure & Surgical

  • Charts

  • Graphs

3D Digital & Printed Exhibits

  • 3D Medical Animations

  • 3D Car Accident Reenactment Animations

  • 3D Navigable Car Accident Scene Models

  • 3D Digital Anatomy Models 

  • 3D Printed Anatomy Models

  • 3D Navigable Anatomy Models

Interactive Digital Exhibits

PowerPoint Slides

  • Interactive Timeline of Events

  • Interactive Medical & Injury Exhibits

  • PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Visual Consulting

As your Personal Medical Legal Visual Consultant, I will design a winning visual plan to meet your case strategy needs, assist in making your case even stronger, and result in winning a favorable verdict. I will work closely with you and your medical experts to ensure the medical illustration exhibits coincide with your expert’s testimony and assist them in educating the opposing council or jury.

As your Personal Medical Legal Visual Consultant, all of your visual needs will be met and excel beyond your expectations. I work closely with a team of professional trusted contractors whose specialties range from 3D & 2D Medical Animating, 3D Car Accident Re-Enactment Animations, Power Point Presentations, and Visual Timelines. 

Visit the Professional Resources webpage to learn more about my Professional Network and their specialities.  

Medical Legal Illustration

My role as your medical legal illustrator is to provide information to the jury or opposing council in an interesting manner, while simplifying and clarifying complicated medical information. In a jury trial, medical illustration exhibits improve recollection and retention of the facts as well as align the thinking patterns of the jurors. Medical illustration exhibits instill emotion into your arguments and testimony, focus on the crucial issues, and are the best solution for expressing the injuries and surgical operations or procedures your client endured from the accident. 

Medical Legal Animations

BioMed Illustrations LLC™ offers custom medical legal animations including mechanism of injury, surgical, product liability, and accident re-enactments. We also offer 3D navigable animations which allow the user to navigate around a 3D modeled scene or manipulate a 3D rendered model. A navigable scene is most beneficial when visually explaining how an accident took place from different perspectives with the ability to maneuver around the scene. A 3D rendered navigable model can be the best option when explaining how a product malfunctioned during an accident or surgical procedure in the case of a product liability or medical malparactice lawsuit. Animations offer you the abilty to show motion and movement while capturing the jurors' attention and aligning their thought process. 

Custom 3D Printed Anatomy Models

BioMed Illustrations LLC™ offers custom 3D printed anatomy models for depositions, mediation, settlements, and trial. Models are a great teaching tool when it comes to complicated injuries and medical concepts. Sometimes the best way to get your point across to the medical expert, defense, or jury is to put a tangible 3D printed model in their hands. Whether you are looking to print organs, bones, anatomical injuries, cancerous tissue, tissue growths, it can be done.

So how does it work? We use your client's radiology data to create custom 3D computer models of your client's anatomy. The models are then sent to the 3D printer where the computer 3D model is printed in one of a variety of materials and colors. Combine the models with a custom 3D animation and/or medical illustration exhibit and you now have the upper hand in settlement negotiations.

Due to settlement confidentiality agreements I am unable to display past case 3D printed models but can answer any questions you may have about the process.

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