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Kristin Baldwin

The Baldwin Network: Principal- Legal Marketer

Kristin Baldwin has over 20 years of experience in the legal market, ranging from continuing legal education director, director of business development and a executive director of a specialty bar association.  Her marketing career was launched with her first job in graduate school, selling prisons to small communities around the state of California. If she can sell a prison, she can sell your expertise.  She has extensive contacts in the litigation and forensic expert witness industries in the Pacific Northwest and across the country and loves matching up clients with complementary needs.  Contact her to discuss putting the power of a network of marketing experts to work for you.


The Baldwin Network is a consulting & coaching firm that specializes helping forensic expert witnesses and law firms grow and diversify.
We work as your marketing partner to help you clarify your unique position and grow your business. Whether you are a forensic expert witness who wants to broaden your reach to both the plaintiff and defense or if you are a small and medium law firm that wants to reach new clients, we can assist you these efforts and take the fear out of marketing.

• Provide introductions to new clients, conduct industry research and craft clear marketing and networking plans to include branding, identifying new leads and potential markets for clients.
• Consult with clients on marketing presentations, branding, report writing and witness preparation for depositions. Experts include engineers, medical professionals and energy consultants.
• Created Pacific Northwest Forensic Expert Witness Network for clients and other experts to increase client networking opportunities.
• Consult with law firms to increase their marketing and public relations efforts throughout the nation and the region through speaking engagements, co-marketing agreements and social media.

Greg Welsh

Brand Marketer and Designer

Led by Greg Welsh, Welsh&Co. helps organizations shape perceptions of their brand through strategically designed brand identities, websites and printed collateral. 

Welsh&Co. works with strategically thinking companies, helping to define the organization’s core strengths and personality and express them through visual means. Steeped in digital technology and with a rich history in print, we can help you shape perceptions of your brand and tell your unique story consistently, wherever your audience finds you. Of course, we can also help you find them, with targeted communications that make an impression that lasts. We’re a small studio and we like it that way. We like not having layers between the designer and the client. Our size allows us to give our clients outstanding attention and customer service. Our clients like that the vast majority of our design fee goes to DESIGN, not administration. The bottom line? We're good for your bottom line. We design to get results, helping you win business and build value in your brand.

Learn more and see our work at

(206) 682.9450

Britt Toalson- CFPh

Board Certified Forensic Photographer

Britt is a Certified Forensic Photographer with the International Association for Identification.  He was trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA as a Professional Forensic Photographer and has over 25 years of forensic photography experience with a large metropolitan police agency. 

A major part of his work involves documenting injuries, accidents, scenes and creating demonstrative evidence for use in investigations, negotiations and trial.


Some injuries can be short term in duration such as swelling, bruising or 1st degree burns. Other injuries can be life altering and result in scaring, disfiguration and amputation.


Professional images depict the size, location, shape, color, depth & dimensionality of the injury. There is a huge difference between an amateur photograph and a professional image. Juries react more favorably to a sharp detailed professional image.

Paladin Forensic Imaging Services


Steve Harbinson

Collision Reconstructionist

Collision Accident Reconstruction Specialist. Reconstruct collision involving cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. I have extensive training in motorcycle reconstruction and the operation of motorcycles. I will provide a detailed analysis of the collision and any expert testimony that is needed after the analysis. An animation or simulation of the scene can be done in 3D. I also have the equipment to download the airbag module on all supported vehicles.

(425) 210.9797 

Sarah Faris, MA, CMI

Board Certified Medical Illustrator

Sarah Faris is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator and Richmond native who has been teaching at VCU since 2008. She received a BFA at VCU’s Department of Communication Arts in 2005 and a MA at John’s Hopkins University’s Department of Art as Applied to Medicine in 2007. Her research includes the professional practice of medical illustration created for education, litigation and editorials. Clients include doctors and health professionals, textbook publishers, non-profit organizations and attorneys. Evolving areas of interest include the biological sciences, embryology and a developing specialization in reconstructive/cosmetic plastic surgery.

Sarah has received numerous professional awards from the Association of Medical Illustrators. Sarah heads the Scientific and Preparatory Medical Illustration track within the Department of Communication Arts and works to continuously improve the curriculum relative to developing industry standards and student needs, provides students with access to cross disciplinary collaborations with VCU Life Sciences and the School of Medicine, and advises students on preparation for admission into graduate programs in medical illustration.

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