The Visual Learner: Trial Visuals that Educate

When we think about the effectiveness of trial visuals we tend to resort to this memory retention graph that we have all seen at least once before.

The graph illustrates what percentage of information is retained in our memory when presented in an auditory manner, visual manner, or both.

What trial attorneys oft...

1. Case strategy is extremely important in the preparation of trial exhibits. 

Trial exhibits are also used in opening and closing statements. How you plan to open your case in trial can have a great impact on the jurors opinions of you and your client. Timelines, animations, and illustrated trial exhibits can be greatly utilized in your opening statement...

Medical Illustrations & the Juror’s Mind

The use of visual aids is a necessity in today’s world of technology. Today’s society has become accustomed to visual stimulation and colorful imagery. So, you can imagine the great advantage an attorney who is well-prepared with medical illustration exhibits has over his competition. More often than not, jurors ten...

“How are medical illustration exhibits created? What’s the process?” 

Custom medical legal illustration exhibits are case-specific, meaning they are created using your client’s hospital and medical records, as well as radiology films. Exhibits are created to demonstrate specific injuries, surgeries, etc. that are unique to your client and cannot be adequat...


Most trial attorneys know how successful and big an impact medical legal illustrations can make in the court room but is there an opportunity being missed by not using med-legal illustrations to settle prior to trial? The answer is YES.

When entering into negotiations during a settlement conference, it is essential to be as compelling, dramatic and persua...

Investing in a Settlement

There tends to be two general approaches to investing money and effort to resolve cases:

1. those who choose to avoid investing in their case until it becomes apparent they can’t settle them

2. those who choose to invest in their cases in order to settle them

Attorneys who invest in their cases early on typically resolve them earlier...

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