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BioMed Illustrations™ offers custom medical illustration exhibits for trials and settlement demand packages involving personal injury, medical malpractice, auto and motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, product liability, traumatic brain injuries, workers’ compensation, health and safety, and more.

Services Offered

Illustrated Exhibits

  • Timeline of Events

  • Summary of Injuries

  • Colorized Medical Film Interpretations

  • Multiple Injuries

  • Mechanism of Injury

  • Procedure & Surgical

  • Charts

  • Graphs

3D Digital & Printed Exhibits

  • 3D Medical Animations

  • 3D Car Accident Reenactment Animations

  • 3D Navigable Car Accident Scene Models

  • 3D Digital Anatomy Models 

  • 3D Printed Anatomy Models

  • 3D Navigable Anatomy Models

Interactive Digital Exhibits

  • Interactive Timeline of Events

  • Interactive Medical & Injury Exhibits

Click on any of the trial exhibits below to view more in the category.

Timeline & PowerPoint Presentations
View more trial timeline exhibits and PowerPoint Presentations.
Summary of Injuries Trial Exhibit
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Brain & Spine Injury Trial Exhibits
View more trial exhibits.
Injury Trial Exhibits
View more trial exhibits.
Surgical & Procedural Trial Exhibits
View more trial exhibits.
Animations & 3D Model Trial Exhibits
View more trial exhibits.
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