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BioMed Illustrations LLC™ offers custom medical legal trial animations including mechanism of injury, surgical, and accident re-enactments. We also offer 3D navigable animations which allow the user to navigate around a 3D modeled scene or manipulate a 3D rendered model.

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Whiplash as a Result of Rear End Vehicle Collision

This animation was created to demonstrate injuries that were incurred as a result of a rear end collision. 

Cervical Fusion Surgery

This animation was created to demonstrate the surgical steps involved in a cervical fusion surgery.

Summary of Injuries as a Result of Accident

This animation was created to demonstrate the injuries incurred during an accident with multiple anatomical views. 

Degradation of Dustfoe Respirator Filter
Degradation of Dustfoe Respirator Filter

This animation was created to show how this particular device failed to work properly which led to the inhalation of harmful particles. The animation not only shows the individual components of the respirator but also goes into detail on a microscopic level. Animations are the perfect way to show complicated processes in an easy to understand manner. 

Custom 3D Navigable Skull Model 

The 3D rendered skull model was created using patient specific radiology CT data. The model can be manipulated (rotated in any direction) by the use of a cursor (mouse). This is a great tool for trial in showing bony trauma during an accident.

Manipulate the skull model yourself by holding down your cursor. 


The 3D rendered car accident scene model was created using accident report measurements and details. The example below is a very basic model. A case specific car accident scene model would include more of the environmental surroundings including buildings, vegetation and traffic signs. 3D models would be texturized and labels would be added. This is a great tool for trial to show how the car accident took place from different viewing angles. Manipulate the scene model yourself by holding down your cursor.   

Custom 3D Navigable Car Accident Scene Model
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